Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anatomy Questions for MRCS Part 1

This is a very important document including MCQs (single best answer SBA questions)
for anatomy for MRCS (membership of the royal college of surgeons)
it is divided into 7 chapters:

  1. Upper Limb
  2. Lower Limb
  3. Thorax
  4. Abomen
  5. Pelvis
  6. Head and Neck
  7. Central Nervous System and Spine
Download link:
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  1. Dear Dr. Fawzy,

    I just came across your blog and its really informative. Many thanks for the blog.

    I am planning to give my MRCS exam this year. I would be grateful to you if you can give me your valuable guidance on how to approach MRCS Part A. I would like to know, how to study such a vast Part A syllabus, any particular sections/parts are important.

    I am not able to download these books from the rapidshare link given by you as it requires member login/registration. Could you please send me all the books and past papers that you have for MRCS Part A to my email which is

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. dear dr. Fawzy,
    im a srilankan doctor who is expecting to sit for MRCS part A soon. But i dont have enough mcqs and i have lot of problems regarding the exam. Could you please send me some mcqs of part A to my mail address-
    (the links you have provided doesnt seem to be working). looking forward to hear from you very soon.
    Thank you,

  3. it worked just fine, thanks ... can you post anymore questions

  4. Thank you for this great effort.

    Dr. Ahmed

  5. can anyone please help me with finding MRCS part A free question can send me the link on

  6. the link here doesn't work for me either. I would like to sit the MRCS Part:A only (for MRCS/ENT).
    If you can please send me the books and the questions that you have at, i would really appreciate it.